About Dreamselfy

Dreamself.Me is a fan-site of TinierMe that now acts as an archive. TinierMe used to be an anime avatar dressup site fresh from Japan. It was an English-speaking alternative to @games. TinierMe closed its doors in 2012, but Dreamselfy has continued to keep an interactive database of all the SELFY dressup items. TinierMe's new successor, however, seems to be CocoPPa Play, which is currently for the iPhone.

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DreamSelf.me is back online! We know we've been gone for a while. Our little team fell on hard times over this past year and we simply could not afford to keep the site running.

In order to cover server costs and keep the site running, we've set up a Patreon. If you enjoy using our site, please consider becoming a patron so we can keep the site running.

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